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Comfort Relief Driver Needed on Sunday

I am looking for taxi relief driver to drive on Sunday near compassvale link. Please call Eric ... for more information. Thanks
17-05-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Night Shift Taxi Relief Driver, Bukit Panjang

Hirer living near Bukit Panjang. Looking for Night Shift Taxi Relief Driver. COMFORT Hyundai Sonata. Night shift : 6pm to 6am Days: Minimum 5 days a week, if can drive 7 days a week also welcome Details to be discussed. Call Mr Sim
17-05-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Relief Driver - Night Shift

Name: Mr. Tan (Hirer) Company: Comfort Sonota Address: Jalan Eunos (Near Eunos MRT Station) contact: ... Details: Prefer Non-Smoker (A) Looking for 12 hours (6pm to 6am) Night shift relief. Monday to Friday or Monday to Sunday or Saturday.
01-05-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Long-term Taxi Relief Driver (Nightshift) needed for Eunos Area

Looking for long-term night-shift relief driver Vehicle/Company: Comfort Sonata Vehicle pick-up: Near Eunos MRT Conditions: Shift details as follow: i. Drive night shift from 6pm-6am daily (Monday to Friday) or (Monday to Sunday) ii. Drive
30-04-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Looking for Relief Driver at Sembawang

Singapore - Full
I'm Mr Tan, currently driving Comfort, Hyundai i40. I'm looking for relief driver to drive full day on Sunday. Please call me at ... for more details. Thank you.
30-03-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Looking for taxi relief driver

Boon Lay
Looking for comfort taxi relief driver living around Jurong area to be able to start work from 28/03/15 onwards. Work from mon-sat. Mon-fri : 6am - 5/6pm and sat: whole day. Pls call ... if interested.
16-03-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Sat & Sun Comfort Taxi Day Relief Driver

Hello I am Hirer looking for a Sat & Sun Day Relief Driver from 6am-6pm. -Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 near Yio Chu Kang MRT area -Driving Comfort Sonata Cab -Rental $56 -Please contact Mr Cheong thru SMS ... Thank-you.
15-03-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Taxi relief driver looking for cab

I'm a relief driver looking for a comfort cab. Able to work night shift 7 days a week. Time: 6.30pm to 6.30am Location: Jurong West St 41 Please contact Mr Tan at ....
12-03-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Comfort taxi relief driver

Hi, I'm a comfort hirer taxi driver looking for a relief driver to work for night shift. Currently staying at Yishun. Any enquiries pls call ..., Mr Tan
09-03-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Looking For Relief Driver with own Car

Hi everyone. I am a hirer driving Comfort Taxi (Sonata). I would like to find a relief driver (6pm to 6am or vice versa) with own car to car pool. i am residing in Queenstown area. Anyone who is interested, please do contact me via email and we c
27-02-2015 - gumtree.sg save


Singapore - Permanent - Experienced
Hi, I'm looking to be a permanent relief driver for Comfort / Citycab only. Experienced. Been driving taxi for more than 20 years. Looking to be a permanent relief for night shift only, [7PM to 7AM]. 6 days/Week [Off day Nego] Locat
28-02-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Looking for taxi hirers

Hi,I am a taxi relief driver and I am looking for Comfort/CityCab Hirers. I prefer to drive Weekend's Day shift and the place around woodlands/marsiling. Please contact me at Mr.Jaslee ... Thank you.
24-02-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Comfort hirer seeking relief driver

Hirer seeking immediate relief for sat night sun 5am to 5pm. rental $55 only . keen person Pls sms Danny ... for detail discussion
31-01-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Looking for Relief Driver

Boon Lay
Looking for Night shift relief driver at Boon Lay area. Comfort taxi.
17-01-2015 - gumtree.sg save

Looking for Day time relief driver

Boon Lay
Loonking for Day shift relief driver at Boon Lay area. 3-4 days a week. Comfort taxi.
15-01-2015 - gumtree.sg save
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